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We're All About Sparking Change

We’ve taken a group of exceptionally talented women with a passion for meaningful work and built a team devoted to creating resilient, resourceful communities and organizations. A team that’s devoted to innovative thinking and determined to move your group from ideas into action. Why? Because we know that it’s only when you move that things begin to change for the better. That’s the focus of what we believe and everything we do.

You. Your mission. Your journey. Moving each of these forward.

Sparking change.

We also know you can’t do this alone. If you could have, you already would have. You need an outsider’s invaluable insights to help sharpen your vision, hone your team’s skills, and map out a plan for action. Someone who provides the spark that gets you fired up and moving. We can do just that. And once we’ve gotten you moving in the right direction, we’ll be out the you can stay busy advancing your mission. That’s how ISI Consulting accomplishes success.