Air & Fire

Let Reflection Be Your Oxygen

There is something enormously engaging about sitting around a campfire. Our family loves to go camping, and of course, a campfire is part of the appeal. While camping a couple of years ago, my son and I struggled to build up the campfire my husband. Because, of course, little boys love big fires! We had flames, and we had all of the wood in the right place, but the fire just wouldn’t get going.  My son would add some pine straw to our little fire, and a few sparks and some smoke ensued, but no sustained fire emerged.  As all of this was taking place, I found myself wondering how many times in life and work we struggle to feed the fire of our mission. have a great fire, only for it to quickly vanish.

My husband soon came and joined us, and immediately recognized the problem and started stoking the fire. He explained to our son that the fire had everything it needed – except oxygen. To get oxygen to the flames, he just need to rearrange the wood and kindling that was already there. In minutes, our little, smoking fire grew and soon became our son’s dream campfire. Once correctly understood, it was easy to sustain the flames.


Often in our work, we already have all the resources necessary to accomplish our goals. The kindling and firewood are there, but the flames may be sputtering. Just like our campfire, however, all that may be necessary is to rearrange those resources to allow oxygen in to feed the flames. No matter what field we work in, our first response to challenges is often to marshal more resources. In fact, however, we can often rekindle the fire just by stopping and asking open and honest questions to create sensible solutions.

I guarantee that incorporating reflection into your routine will not add a significant amount of time, but the results it brings will be amazing.  Just use three to four reflection questions with your next initiative and watch your fire grow. Enjoy the flames!