Group Facilitation

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“Holly is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen!  She is truly engaging, and ensures that everyone is invested in what is taking place.  If you are looking for energy, creativity, and true engagement, Holly is the one!” 

Maudra Brown, Public Information Director

SC Department of Health & Human Services

  • We are experts in facilitation, and will remain neutral on content as we accompany your group on a journey of its choosing. We strive to establish trust with groups and listen deeply to serve the group in the best way.  

  • We design your meeting to ensure meaningful participant engagement during the event. In addition, we provide documentation of decisions made and next steps. Engaging a skilled facilitator allows you to fully participate in the meeting without having to worry about anything!

  • We develop conferences and meetings that match your local context and need. This may include listening sessions, focus groups, consensus workshops, action planning, and strategic planning. These can be in person or virtual.