Image by Jaime Lopes


Making Meetings Matter


We know that facilitation is all about engaging participants, establishing trust, and that ensuring all voices are heard. The journey is yours, and we’re there simply to ensure you keep moving forward and to document your organization’s progress. We design each facilitation session to ensure meaningful participant engagement by utilizing breakout groups, employing active listening, and asking questions to encourage open communication. Finally, we’ll clarify key ideas for everyone and document all decisions made and next steps identified.


We are experts at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meeting formats and will everything from half-day meetings to multi-day conferences that match your local context and need. We employ listening sessions, focus groups, consensus workshops, and action or strategic planning sessions as needed to ensure you have the information needed to move forward. With a skilled facilitator onboard, you can relax and fully participate in meetings without having to worry about logistics.


In-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings

Strategic and action planning sessions

Workshops and conferences

Comprehensive documentation of decisions and next steps