As Nice As ACE

I was stuck.  I had all the pieces to put together a crib...without any of the hardware to go along with it.  The pieces of this crib-to-be had been sitting in our house for two weeks, and I could tell they were just going to stay there. I was looking for a small miracle, and I got it.

The ladies at Ace Hardware in Chapin, SC saved the day and the crib, while also reminding me that “service over self” is still a real thing and there are angels putting it into practice every day. I called the Ace store and shared my predicament.  I was told that Katie (my angel) would be able to help me and she would be working Wednesday through Friday that week.  So…I skeptically put all of the crib boards and pieces into the back of the car and headed to Ace. Katie looked at all the random crib pieces in my car, said she would do some research, and would get back with me soon.

Sure. My expectations were limited. After all, who would go to all that trouble in our modern self-service, do-it-yourself world?

Was I wrong.

Not only did Katie do the research, she called me to let me know that crib was put together and LITERALLY drove to our home on her day off to deliver it. Even when we couldn’t get it to fit through the doorway of the nursey, she gladly disassembled it and reassembled it along with my husband. Afterwards, she handed me a receipt total of $8.11 for the screws that were used and headed off to spend the rest of the day at the pool. It was her day off, after all!

This whole experience reminded me of how important it is to go above and beyond for others, whether it be family, clients, patients, or coworkers. The tagline for Ace Hardware is “The Helpful Place.”  Is your place the helpful place?  What do your customers or clients feel after leaving your building or getting off the phone with you?  One of the secrets to running a successful business is quite simple. Be pleasant and helpful. When you can, go above and beyond for others, and consistently choose service over self. It creates small miracles.