Organizational Development

Success is Measurable

We’re experts in Continuous Quality Improvement and have the capability to help your organization define problems, develop benchmarks, set goals, and identify outcomes in order to achieve and maintain measurable success and improvement.

We know that facilitation is all about engaging participants, establishing trust, and ensuring all voices are heard.

The journey is yours, and we’re there simply to ensure you keep moving forward and to document your organization’s progress. We design each facilitation session to ensure meaningful participant engagement by utilizing breakout groups, employing active listening, and asking questions to encourage open communication. Finally, we’ll clarify key ideas for everyone and document all decisions made and next steps identified.

Public Organization and government weekend retreat
Organizational Development board of directors develpoment

Board Development

Board of Directors retreats and training sessions equip boards to function more cohesively. Clarify understanding of board roles and responsibilities, equip boards for effective goal planning and stimulate meaningful discussions.

Train the Trainer

"Train the Trainer" leadership training equips leaders with key tools, techniques, skill sets and experience required to inspire and manage their respective teams. Seminars, workshops and interactive activities move beyond theory to the practical.

Sample Training Manual

Organizational Development team building

Team Building

Team building retreats and workshops provide opportunity for improved working dynamics, alignment with vision and goals and equipping and training targeted skill sets. Goals can include increasing morale, building trust, communication and cooperation.

Organizational Development survey development administration

Conduct Surveys

We develop and administer surveys to gather qualitative and quantitative data about team effectiveness and impact. Detailed analysis and reporting will enable teams to identify and address areas for improvement, training and greater impact.

After the training and coaching sessions, your team will be prepared to immediately apply their new skills to your organization to accelerate shared decision-making and sustained outcomes. Every participant receives slides, handouts and a playbook to ensure you have all the tools you need for immediate success.

We know you’ll face failures, but we want you to fail forward, and learn along the way. Then initiate improvements and keep moving. Because we thoroughly understand this concept, we’ll develop customized processes and train your team to execute quality improvement strategies that will take your organization to the next level.

Contact ISI to build your team and increase your impact.

large public health group facilitation in north carolina
county council team building retreat in Tennessee
County Council Leadership Development Retreat
consulting with government, public health, academic and non-profit organizations
Engaged Partipation During Action Planning Session
Richmond, VA
comprehensive needs assessment evaluation session in atlanta georgia
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Sense Making Session
Camden, SC
team building for morale and interaction columbia sc
Team Building Retreat, College of Social Work
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
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Team Development Working Groups
University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
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Outdoor Team Building Exercise
Columbia, SC

We Love Our Clients

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“Holly Hayes has improved my organization’s effectiveness by connecting the dots with qualitative and quantitative data. She has facilitated staff learning and built leadership consensus and commitment. Her Quality Improvement training sharpened the focus of our healthcare team. Her passion for learning and curiosity keeps her fresh and innovative. I consider her integrity and work vital to our clinic’s future.”



“Holly has continually anticipated and exceeded my expectations over the last two years working with her. She is competent, bright, creative, pleasant, professional and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you, Holly for working with us to make the world a healthier place.”



“I can honestly say that this was one of the best meeting I've ever attended, and I have attended a lot of meetings. It accomplished the goal of connection between and among the diverse mix of board members. Relationships were built and I know will continue to be deepened.”

- KB