Holly Hayes, MSPH

President & Founder

Senior Facilitation and Evaluation Strategist

Senior Communications Author

Holly is the spark that started it all.

She brings passion and creative vision to everything we do. Holly has a unique ability to work with both academic and community-based groups to maximize their impact. She has established a strong track record of successful initiatives developed and sustained by staff and volunteers, and her efforts have ranged from small community organizations to multi-million dollar investments.

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Hannah Dubin, BRM, MA

Senior Facilitation Specialist 

Hannah has a keen focus on helping teams work more collaboratively, whether it's in the enterprise, nonprofit, local government, or education arenas.

She is skilled at designing and delivering virtual, in-person, and hybrid facilitated team conversations. Her people-centered approach to problem solving has helped hundreds of teams and organizations meet their goals and better serve their stakeholders. With her exceptional scope of experience, Hannah has been referred to as the "Swiss army knife of facilitation."

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Kathryn Johnson, MPH

Communications Director

Contemporary Training Specialist     

Virtual Facilitator

Kathryn brings the most up-to-date training and communications methods to our team and designs meaningful conversations in virtual spaces leading to assured results. She connects with diverse audiences in tailored approaches that are anything but ordinary.

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Judith Ferrell

Senior Editor

Creative Director

Judith brings more than two decades of award-winning healthcare writing, design, and marketing expertise to our team. She possesses a unique ability to distill complex healthcare, public health, and policy concepts into engaging communication vehicles.