Strategic Planning

  • Conducting a needs assessment and environmental scan

  • Crafting your vision (typically covering 3 to 5 years)

  • Identifying blocks and barriers to achieving your vision

  • Crafting well-designed strategies

  • Creating an implementation plan to prevent SPOTS (Strategic Plans on the Shelf)

  • Facilitating re-maneuver sessions to modify plan based on changes in environment

Our strategic plans will always provide comprehensive reports of any decisions that were made.  We also will provide implementation tools as needed to ensure the advancement of your vision.

Many of our organizational successes have been built upon Holly's support. As an academic research Dean, I looked to her for guidance and support in strategic planning for our research component.  Holly was able to foster coalitions sharing goals and visions, along with providing structure with clear deliverables.  She worked with us from the ground up in building our highly successful 1,100-practitioner research network. 

Tom Oates, DMD, PHD

University of Maryland