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Meet the ISI Consulting Team

We're All About Sparking Change

We’ve taken a group of exceptionally talented women with a passion for meaningful work and built a team devoted to creating resilient, resourceful communities and organizations. A team that’s devoted to innovative thinking and determined to move your group from ideas into action. Why? Because we know that it’s only when you move that things begin to change for the better. That’s the focus of what we believe and everything we do.

You. Your mission. Your journey. Moving each of these forward.

Sparking change.

We also know you can’t do this alone. If you could have, you already would have. You need an outsider’s invaluable insights to help sharpen your vision, hone your team’s skills, and map out a plan for action. Someone who provides the spark that gets you fired up and moving. We can do just that. And once we’ve gotten you moving in the right direction, we’ll be out the door...so you can stay busy advancing your mission. That’s how ISI Consulting accomplishes success.

Holly Hayes, Elizabeth Carpenter, Judith Ferrell, ISI Consulting

Meet Our Team

Holly Hayes of ISI Consulting
Holly Hayes, MSPH
President & Founder
Senior Facilitation and Evaluation Strategist
Senior Communications Author

Holly is the spark that started it all. She brings passion and creative vision to everything we do. Holly has a unique ability to work with both academic and community-based groups to maximize their impact. She has established a strong track record of successful initiatives developed and sustained by staff and volunteers, and her efforts have ranged from small community organizations to multi-million dollar investments.

She is our Action Generator.

She is an organizational consultant and an internationally accredited facilitator and trainer. Her knowledge of community engagement, facilitation, continuous quality improvement, and strategic planning is wide-ranging. Holly’s work with businesses, non-profits, public agencies, and academic institutions gives her a unique insight into organizational development. She is passionate about moving ideas into action and has created engaging techniques to unlock each organization’s potential. 

Prior to launching ISI Consulting, Holly served as an evaluator, specializing in developmental and formative evaluation, at the University of South Carolina’s Core for Applied Research and Evaluation. In addition, Holly led the evaluation efforts of LiveWell Kershaw, a demonstration project focused on addressing the primary drivers of population health. She is committed to working with organizations and institutions devoted to creating and implementing positive changes in our communities.

Elizabeth Carpenter of ISI Consulting
Elizabeth Carpenter
Project Manager and Facilitator

Elizabeth serves as our lead qualitative specialist and guides all key informant interviews and focus groups for ISI Consulting. She is trained in both in-person and virtual facilitation and enjoys working with diverse clients. In addition, Elizabeth serves as the project manager for larger scale projects and ensures deadlines are reached. If you want something accomplished faster, contact Elizabeth.

Judith Ferrell
Kathleen Brady, PhD
Senior Statistical Analyst

Kathleen Brady, PhD is ISI Consulting’s statistical guru. She has expertise in data mining and analysis, community-level research, evaluation, synthesis of qualitative and quantitative data, and identification of best practices. With more than 100 community research and data analytics studies under her belt – including public health assessments, poverty and economic mobility studies, racial equity studies, economic impact studies, program evaluation studies, and others – she brings a wealth of data expertise to our work. Kathleen is an advocate for making complex data understandable to consumers in order to ensure it is useful for policy and organizational discussions.

Judith Ferrell of ISI Consulting
Judith Ferrell
Senior Editor
Creative Director 

Judith brings more than two decades of award-winning healthcare writing, design, and marketing expertise to our team. She possesses a unique ability to distill complex healthcare, public health, and policy concepts into engaging communication vehicles.

Hannah Dubin
Hannah Dubin, BRM, MA
Senior Facilitation Specialist 

Hannah has a keen focus on helping teams work more collaboratively, whether it's in the enterprise, nonprofit, local government, or education arenas.

She is skilled at designing and delivering virtual, in-person, and hybrid facilitated team conversations. Her people-centered approach to problem solving has helped hundreds of teams and organizations meet their goals and better serve their stakeholders. 

Tim Jones
Tim Jones
Leadership Coach and Speaker

Tim Jones serves as our leadership coach and dynamic leadership speaker. He specializes in leadership training, speaking, and building cohesive teams. Tim is a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Leadership Group. He also enjoys one-on-one coaching and working with leaders to achieve their highest potential. In addition, Tim is a certified coach through the Global Leadership Initiative and would be honored to begin a coaching relationship with you and your team members.

Bryan Stepp
Bryan Stepp, DMIN, MEd
Education Facilitator and Coach
Motivational Speaker
Leadership Facilitator

Bryan Stepp, DMIN, MEd, is our Education Facilitator extraordinaire, and he thrives in helping public schools, charter schools, and private schools exceed their academic and instructional goals. Bryan specializes in tailoring educational curriculum and instruction and is certified as a Rigor 4.0 evaluator. Dr. Bryan Stepp focused his dissertation on leadership development and believes each leader can be empowered to develop their individual gifts and talents. Dr. Stepp equips teams to create a growth plan for each individual by developing key strategies to strengthen necessary areas. Finally, Bryan is a certified coach with Natural Church Development and facilitates church leadership teams in their growth.

women owned small business

ISI Consulting is certified as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program (WOSB Program), as set forth in Title 13, Part 127 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).