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Happy Anniversary!

We are ecstatic to celebrate another year in business, and another year providing quality services to our clients. Specializing in training, facilitation, strategic planning, and comprehensive assessments, ISI Consulting is here to help your organization. Find out about our services and more in our services booklet!

More About
ISI Consulting

Our Spark

Let's get you moving!

ISI Consulting believes your organization has everything necessary to fulfill your unique mission. But sometimes an outsider can provide invaluable help as you sharpen your vision. Most important, we can help you move ideas into action.


Our experts are ideally suited to assist your team with tailored facilitation, strategic planning, quality improvement, or leadership coaching. And once we’ve helped sharpen your team, we’ll be out the you can stay busy advancing your mission.

Why Choose
ISI Consulting?

How Can We Help?

We've worked with a wide variety of clients, from rural health initiatives to world-renowned academic institutions. Nonprofits and government entities. On projects small and large. Our expertise is particularly well-suited to population health initiatives, rural communities, and academic and community partnerships.


Our core strengths include diversity and inclusion, strategic thinking, implementation, and a focus on continuous quality improvement for success.  participatory facilitation, consultation, strategic planning, program evaluation, quality improvement, and implementation coaching.

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Our Philosophy

ISI Consulting believes in creating unique, workable solutions to address individual needs, and then ensuring those solutions are implemented. We believe every voice should be heard and that your mission is essential to a stronger community.

Above all, we work to cultivate a growth mindset that welcomes innovation and change, so you keep moving ideas into action.