Implementation Coaching


Iron Sharpens Iron gave my team step-by-step guidance on how to jumpstart our organization as we prepare to have to a banner year!  During our planning retreat, Holly’s great insight has made a SIGNIFANT impact on planning and executing goals.  When it comes to team building in the world of not for profits, there are loads of how-to steps but Holly is genuinely dedicated to making this happen.  Her ability to personalize your action plan enables you to move forward with next steps and build upon your confidence for success!

Angela McDuffie, Executive Director

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition

  • Assist with project execution, regardless of development stage

  • Develop/execute quality improvement strategies to take your organization to the next level

  • Create action plans and metrics to ensure success

  • Ask critical questions to identify blind spots and strategize ways to overcome blocks and barriers

  • Analyze/compare/evaluate options within the scope of the project