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Thankful for You

Thankful for You

I’ve cried some this week – which is a little not like me. I got emotional reflecting on this year and the growth of ISI Consulting. Thank you all! I started this business, seriously, with just $3,000 and a fire in my belly to help groups get results from their meetings. It was scary. But here we are today, doing just that. Creating meetings that matter. Day after day, week after week. Client after client.

Thank you for being part of the ISI Consulting’s journey! When I look back at all of the photos from retreats, trainings – and yes, even virtual meetings – this year, I smile. It’s a smile of quiet satisfaction and great gratitude. Thank you for taking time to reflect on your organization. Thank you for engaging in difficult conversations. Thank you for setting goals and success metrics (even if you’re not a data person). Thank you for slowing down to spend time training team members. Thank you for all you’ve done!

We just completed our business audit for the year 2022 (based off our strategic plan, of course) and we’ve grown our client base, retained existing clients with evolving needs, are growing in financial sustainability, and expanding our trainer and facilitation team. We didn’t reach all our goals – but we certainly made lots of progress. Remember, it’s about results, relationships, and process!

Did everything go as planned? Heck no! Breast cancer, the international move of a team member, hybrid meetings, Quick Books conversion…and the list goes on. But, you know what? I’m THANKFUL for all of the bumps in the road and those bruises we accumulated along the way. Just like you, we are bouncing along, staying true to our purpose and why, and just moving forward. Always. Just like you.

ISI Consulting wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. We have truly enjoyed serving you this year, and we’re grateful to call you friends as well as clients.

Stay sharp, 

Holly Hayes, President & Founder

From Candy to Concentration

If you’re like me, the holidays hit waaayyy too quickly after the last Halloween candy is gobbled up. But before you get completely caught up in holiday mode I would love for you to carve out one hour for you and your team to conduct a strategy audit for the year 2022.

Yes, I know…you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for one more thing this time of year!” But don’t you worry. I have the questions for you to ask. It’s simple, and it won’t really take that much time. When you’re done, I guarantee you’ll be both surprised and encouraged by what you and your team have found.

Start by walking your team a through a guided visualization where they think back to January 2022. Then progress though all of the months. Give each team member two minutes of silence to scribble down whatever things come to mind. It can be a team member’s support, a milestone reached, that challenging grant submission, or whatever. Anything goes.

Just like in life, you want to record the TA-DA moments (the positives) and the “not there yet” moments. They all count.

Then, guide your team to complete this worksheet together. It will help you sort out all those things the members scribbled down. You’ll examine three dimensions for the year 2022 – results, process, and relationships. What were some of our results? (Did we meet our goals for the year?) Where did we make some process changes this year? (How did they work out?) What was the quality of our relationships, both internal and external? (Do we need to work on these?)

Get it all out on paper, and then when you finish looking at all three areas…ask two final questions:

What insights are emerging from our conversation today?

What do you see as a next step for YOU in 2023?

That’s it…you’ve just completed a strategy audit that is going to set you up for great success in 2023. I want you to commit to carving out an hour to do this SOON. If you wait until January, you’ll have forgotten some of those critical moments and memories. Collect them when they’re fresh!

ISI Consulting is cheering for you all the way!

Stay sharp,

Holly Hayes, President & Founder

P.S. This can be used as a personal audit form as well. I recently did one and realized I need to be a little nicer to my husband. Note to self.