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You Can’t Hurry Trust

Remember that catchy tune “You Can’t Hurry Love”? It was famously recorded by the Supremes in the Sixties and then redone by Phil Collins for a newer generation decades later. Well, I’d like to say that while you certainly can’t hurry love, it’s equally true that you can’t hurry TRUST. There’s an ancient proverb that says trust comes in like a tortoise but leaves like a horse. It’s why we talk about building trust. Trust is built slowly…one day, one decision, one goal at a time…with care and skill. Sadly, it can be quickly destroyed. Like a poorly constructed building, when it fails, trust often collapses spectacularly.

In his book, The Speed of Trust, entrepreneur Stephen Covey says there are two components to trust: character and competence. It’s often said that character is who you are when no one is looking. It’s doing the right thing even when the right thing is difficult, upsetting, or might even negatively impact you. Character is hard, and it takes work. It’s important to guard character because little cracks in it quickly become giant craters. It’s also true that people instinctively recognize and appreciate character…even if it’s not always rewarded. They will trust a man or woman of sound character until something proves otherwise. Watch out for the otherwise.

Competence is the second component of trust. It is measured by your consistency, your effectiveness in handling problems, and your personal and professional behavior. Can the people on your team count on you to understand processes, set reasonable goals, and be willing to listen attentively to input from others? Can they depend on you to handle the affairs of your organization carefully and honestly? Do they know you will only promise what you can deliver? Because one of the quickest ways to lose trust is to overpromise and underdeliver. Be certain that if you promise your team or organization something, you can bring that promise to fruition. Underpromise and overdeliver.

And if you can’t remember the song, here’s a link to the Phil Collins version.
Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love (Official Music Video) (youtube.com)

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